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A Historical Bibliography> Table of Contents

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General Sources

European Beginnings

A. The Sixteenth-Century Challenges to Trinitarianism

B. The Unitarian Tradition

C. The Enlightenment and Rise of Deism in Modern Europe


A. French Enlightenment

B. France and Unbelief in the Nineteenth Century

C. France and Unbelief in the Twentieth Century

United Kingdom

A. Deist Beginnings, Flowering, and Beyond

B. Unitarianism in Great Britain

C. Unbelief in England—the Nineteenth Century

D. Twentieth-Century Humanism and Atheism in England

E. Unbelief in Australia and New Zealand


A. Enlightenment Beginnings

B. Unbelief in Germany in The Nineteenth Century

C. Karl Marx and Marxism

D. Freud, Psychoanalysis, and Religion

North America

A. American Freethought—Eighteenth-Century Deism

B. Unitarianism Universalism

C. Nineteenth-Century American Freethought

D. Freethought Women Leaders and Writers

E. Twentieth Century

F. Canada

Science and Pseudoscience

A. 1800-1960

B. Darwin, Evolution, and Creationism

C. 1960-Present

D. The Magicians: Houdini to Randi

Contemporary Unbelief

A. Current Advocates

B. The Death of God Movement

C. Neo-Atheism

D. Global Perspectives

E. Unbelief—Sociological and Demographic Studies


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