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As the world of Unbelief has emerged and developed, a number of attempts have been made to survey the field both in narrative histories and through the production of much needed reference works. This section includes reference book (encyclopedia, biographical dictionaries, etc.), general surveys of the history of Unbelief, and general surveys of the world of Unbelief and the issues around which it operates.

This author got to know atheist scholar Gordon Stein in the early 1980s in Chicago and developed a relationship based upon our mutual interests in creating archives and compiling reference works in two overlapping fields. This author later continued to work with him on developing atheist sources when we both lived in Southern California. Stein eventually deposited most of the atheist, Freethought, and related material at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He then deposited many of the duplicate items he had collected at the Davidson Library at the University of California—Santa Barbara, where this author had deposited the Unitarian, Freethought, and atheist materials he had collected. These two universities continue to hold the largest archives in North America on the subject of this bibliography known to this author.

Supplementing the general sources listed below are some important on-line resources, the Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography ( immediately coming to mind. This ongoing project is under the general direction of the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society and under the editorial control of J. D. Bowers, Peter Hughes, Dan McKanan, Jim Nugent, and Kathleen Parker.

The atheist community is served by “The Online Atheist Dictionary,” posted at and the Secular Web ( The latter site includes reprints of many classic atheist texts. The online edition of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy edited by Edward N. Zalta ( includes numerous detailed entries on the many thinkers who have led the way in the emergence of contemporary atheism.

The items cited below include those books designed in some way to cover broadly the world of Unbelief and includes encyclopedias, biographical dictionaries, anthologies, histories, introductory texts to the world of Unbelief, and of course, bibliographies. Overwhelmingly, the items have been written by people who are themselves unbelievers, but a few worthy studies by religious believers have been included. Of course, in many cases the personal beliefs of the author are not known, and ideally should, in the end, be irrelevant to the production of their studies.


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